Get Paid to Borrow Bitcoin

Introducing the Get Paid to Borrow Bitcoin Incentive Program - a reward campaign to incentivize eBTC minting. New incentives are replenished each round lasting 30 days.

➡️ Deposit ETH & WETH collateral

➡️ Borrow eBTC at no cost

➡️ Get stETH staking rewards + stETH incentives from Lido


stETH rewards have been allocated as incentives for users who borrow eBTC with ETH or WETH. Users can see the extra reward APY in app, adding to your reward generating collateral. **APY IN APP IS AN ESTIMATE ONLY.

But isn't eBTC backed exclusively by stETH? Sure is.

All un-staked ETH and WETH collateral will be automatically zapped into Lido and staked into stETH on behalf of users.

Just bring your ETH or WETH and let eBTC handle the rest.

To Qualify:

  • CDP must remain open for a minimum of 7 Days

  • CDP's from previous rounds will roll over

  • Must open CDP using ETH or WETH

How are rewards distributed?

All Get Paid to Borrow Bitcoin incentives will be distributed via airdrop at the end of the each round.

Reward distribution times may vary. It may take up to 7 days to receive rewards following the completion of each round.

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